Write FileMaker Data API calls

The FileMaker Data API calls consist of the following components.



An HTTP method (also known as an HTTP verb)

The FileMaker Data API uses the following HTTP methods:

Note  FileMaker Data API doesn't support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and the OPTIONS method.

HTTP headers

The FileMaker Data API uses the following headers:

  • Content-Type: multipart/form-data

    Used with Upload container data.

    For this header, "multipart/form-data" is the only value allowed.

  • Authorization: session-token

    Used with most of the HTTP requests.

    The value for access-token is the unique session token returned when logging in to a session. It is required to authenticate access to the hosted database. See Log in to a database session.

  • Authorization: FMID {FMID-token}

    Used with HTTP requests for databases hosted by FileMaker Cloud.

    FMID-token is the Claris ID token provided by the Claris ID identity provider system. For information on the Claris ID token, see Claris Customer Console Help.

A call URL

The FileMaker Data API URLs all start with one of the following:

  • To specify that version one should be used: /fmi/data/v1/databases

  • To specify that the latest version should be used: /fmi/data/vLatest/databases

Parameter data in JSON format Not needed with Log out of a database session, Get metadata, Delete a record, Duplicate a record, Get a single record, Get a range of records, or Run a script.