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Returns the name, version number, and enabled state of installed plug-ins.


Get ( InstalledFMPlugins )



Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 12.0


This function is useful for determining whether an installed plug-in is newer or older than a plug-in required by a file. The version number is returned if it is available.

If multiple plug-ins are installed, Get(InstalledFMPlugins) returns values for each plug-in on separate lines, separated by carriage returns.

Get(InstalledFMPlugins) returns plug-in version information only when plug-in developers have entered version information in the resource file (Windows) or the info.plist file (macOS).

macOS: Plug-ins are stored as packages.

The enabled state is returned as follows:

Enabled The plug-in is enabled in the FileMaker Pro Advanced preferences and can be loaded.

Disabled – The plug-in is disabled in the FileMaker Pro Advanced preferences and cannot be loaded.

Ignored – The plug-in failed to load, which could be due to software incompatibility.

Example 1 


MyPlugin1 is installed and is enabled in the Plug-ins tab in the Preferences dialog box.

MyPlugin2 is installed and is disabled in the Plug-ins tab in the Preferences dialog box.

MyPlugin3 could not be loaded.

Get(InstalledFMPlugins) returns:



MyPlugin3; ;Ignored

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