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Setting plug-in preferences

You can use plug-in preferences to enable and configure plug-ins.

Note  If you are a software developer, you can write custom plug-ins. Knowledge of C or C++ programming is required. See Working with plug-ins.

1. Windows: Choose Edit menu > Preferences.

macOS: Choose FileMaker Pro Advanced menu > Preferences.

2. In the Preferences dialog box, click the Plug-Ins tab.

Installed plug-ins appear in the Enabled Plug-Ins list. Enabled plug-ins have a check mark beside them.



Do this

See a description of a plug-in

Click the plug-in name.

Enable or disable a plug-in

Select or deselect the checkbox next to the plug-in's name.

Configure the selected plug-in

Click Configure. For more information on configuring the plug-in, see the documentation that came with the plug-in.

Allow solutions to install and update plug-ins automatically

Select Allow Solutions to Install Files.

Open the folder where plug-ins are installed

Click Reveal Plug-in Folder. For the running version of the application, the current user's Extensions folder opens.

To open all Extensions folders where plug-ins can be installed, press Shift while you click Reveal Plug-in Folder.