Saving and sending records as a PDF file
You can save FileMaker Pro data as a PDF file in all modes except Find mode. The PDF file’s appearance is based on the current layout when you create the PDF file.
You can assign a password to the PDF file if it contains sensitive information. If you assign a password, the file is encrypted and cannot be opened without the password. FileMaker Pro can also create a blank email message with the PDF file as an attachment to make it easy to distribute to others.
To save PDF files, your access privileges must allow printing. See Editing other privileges.
To append records to an existing FileMaker Pro PDF file, you must create a script that uses the Save Records as PDF script step and select the Append to existing PDF option. See Save Records As PDF.
Note  Saving records as a PDF file is not supported in runtime solutions.
To save records as a PDF file:
See Switching between layouts.
In Browse or Layout mode, choose File menu > Save/Send Records As > PDF.
In Preview mode, click Save as PDF in the status toolbar.
You can save the current record, all the records in the current found set, or a blank record that can be used as a paper form.
If you select Blank record, the Appearance option is enabled to define how the fields are formatted in the PDF file.
If you select Create email with file as attachment, an email is created with the PDF file attached, and you then specify the recipient.
If you select Automatically open file, the file opens after it is created.
Click Options to set the PDF options:
In the Document tab, enter descriptive information about the file, the version of Acrobat for viewing the file, and page numbering.
In the Security tab, assign passwords to the PDF file, as well as print and edit privileges. If print and edit privileges are allowed, specify if copying and screen reading software are permitted. See PDF Options dialog box.
In the Initial View tab, define how an opened PDF file will look.
Click Save.