Changes the font of text to the specified fontName or optional {fontScript}.
text - any text expression or text field.
fontName - any font name expressed in text.
{fontScript} - the name of a character set that contains characters required for writing in the specified language.
Parameters in curly braces { } are optional.
Note  The fontScript parameter is not enclosed in quotation marks (“ “), and can have any of the values listed below in Description.
Data type returned 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 7.0
Spellings for font names must be correct. Text formatting options will be lost if the field type that is returned is something other than text.
FileMaker Pro looks for a font that matches the specified font name and font script character set. If no matches exist, FileMaker Pro looks for a default font with the font script specified in the Fonts tab of the Preferences dialog box. If this fails, then the TextFont function uses the default font for the system script specified in the Fonts tab of the Preferences dialog box. This font might not be the same as the font script provided.
The following font scripts are available:
TextFont(“Plaid”;“Courier”) returns the word Plaid in the Courier font.
TextFont(“Plaid”;“Arial”) returns the word Plaid in the Arial font.
TextFont(“Plaid”;“Arial”;Cyrillic) returns the word Plaid in the Arial font in the font script of Cyrillic.
TextSize( TextFont( TextColor( MyTable::MyText; RGB( 0 ; 125 ; 125 ) ); "Courier" ) ; 12) returns the text contained in MyTable::MyText formatted as 12pt. green text with the Courier font.
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