Compares the contents of any two fields. If the fields match, the result is 1 (True); otherwise, the result is 0 (False).
originalText - any text expression, text field, or container field
comparisonText - any text expression, text field, or container field
Data type returned 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
For text to match exactly, the uppercase and lowercase usage must be the same. For container fields, the data must be stored in the same manner (either embedded, or stored by reference).
Note  When evaluating values, text attributes such as font, styles, and sizes are not considered.
Tip  If case isn't important, use the Lower or Upper function on both parameters to process data before checking for an exact match.
Exact(“McDonald”;“McDonald”) returns 1 (True).
Exact(“McDonald”;“MCDONALD”) returns 0 (False).
Exact(Upper(“McDonald”);Upper(“MCDONALD”)) returns 1 (True).
Exact(“John”;“John ”) returns 0 (False).
Exact(BillTo;ShipTo) returns 1 (True) when the value in BillTo is the same as the value in ShipTo.
Exact(Recipient;Upper(Recipient)) returns 1 (True), when Recipient contains JOHNSON.
Exact(Country;“Spain”) returns 1 (True) when the Country field contains Spain.
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