Returns the script result from a performed subscript.
Data type returned 
text, number, date, time, timestamp, container
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 8.0
Use this function as part of a calculation evaluated within a script. If a subscript doesn’t return a result, then the content of the script result will be empty.
In the following example, the Find Customers script returns the results of a find request when it is called from the Do Reports script. Script Find Customers uses the optional script result of the Exit Script script step. Script Do Reports then uses Get(ScriptResult) to determine what other script steps should be performed based on the returned result stored in Get(ScriptResult).
Find Customers
Set Error Capture [On]
Perform Find [Restore]
New Record/Request
Exit Script [Result: Get(FoundCount) < 10]
Do Reports
Perform Script [Find Customers]
If [Get(ScriptResult) = 0]
Show Custom Dialog [“You have created 10 records already.”]
End If
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