Returns the location in points of each field boundary and the field’s rotation in degrees.
fileName - the name of an open database file (local or remote).
layoutName - the name of a layout in the specified database file.
fieldName - the name of a field on the specified layout.
Important  See Design functions for information about literal text parameters.
Data type returned 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
The location returned is measured from the top left corner of the layout (regardless of printer margins) and is specified in this order: position of left field boundary, position of top field boundary, position of right field boundary, position of bottom field boundary, degree of rotation (measured in a counter-clockwise direction; 0 degrees for unrotated).
Note  Your layout begins where your margins end. Because field boundaries are measured from the left side and top of the layout, boundaries returned by FieldBounds never change unless you move or re-size a field.
FieldBounds(“Customers”;“Layout #1”;“Field”) returns 36 48 295 65 0 in the example below. Notice that all parameters are enclosed in quotation marks.
Field boundary example
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