Finding ranges of information
You can find ranges of information, such as all records that contain a field value that is greater or less than a number, or between two particular dates. A range is different based on the data type:
Numbers: least to greatest
Text: first to last word, based on the index order of words (not the sort order). A word can be a single character; for example, a find on a field for <M would return every record that contains a word less than M in the field’s index order.
To find ranges of information:
See Making a find request.
When you’ve entered the find criteria that you want, click Perform Find in the status toolbar, or choose Requests menu > Perform Find.
You can combine operators to simplify range searches. For example, type */{10..15}/2014 to search for all dates in 2014, but only for days from the 10th through the 15th.
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