Allowing or preventing entry into fields
You can allow or prevent entry into a field. For example, you can restrict entry into a field containing a serial number, so the field can't be modified. You can set separate Browse and Find mode data entry options, which would allow you to permit finding serialized numbers even though they cannot be entered.
If you allow entry into a field, you can also control whether the entire contents of the field is selected when you click or tab into the field in Browse mode or Find mode. Otherwise, FileMaker Pro places the insertion point after the last character in the field.
To customize entry into a field:
In Layout mode, select one or more fields.
For more information, see Selecting objects. Or you can specify attributes for fields you add later by starting with no fields selected.
Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar, then click Data.
In the Behavior area, for Field entry, select the following options:
Clear Browse Mode.
Clear Find Mode.
Choose Select entire contents on entry.