Setting up to print records in columns
You can set up a layout to print (or preview) records in columns, for example, for a directory of names and addresses. This is in contrast to a List view or Report layout, which arranges fields in columns.
When you set up records to print in columns, all the information for one record is printed together in a block (much like on a label), then all the values for the next record are printed together, and so on. You can specify the order of records — either across rows or down columns.
Page showing two columns of records ordered across rows first
Page showing two columns of records ordered down columns first
You only see multiple columns in Layout and Preview modes and when you print (not in Browse mode or Find mode).
To set up columns in a layout:
Choose File menu > Print Setup (Windows), or File menu > Page Setup (OS X), confirm that your printer and paper settings are correct, and then click OK.
In Preview mode, you can also click Print Setup (Windows) or Page Setup (OS X) in the status toolbar.
FileMaker Pro considers the selected printer, and print or page setup information when it calculates margins and other measurements on the layout.
In Layout mode, create a layout or choose a layout from the Layout pop-up menu.
It's easiest to start with a Blank layout or a layout with no objects in the body part. For more information on creating layouts, see Creating a layout.
Click Layout Setup Layout Setup button in the layout bar.
You can also click the name of the layout’s current table.
Select Print in <value> columns, and then set the options described in the following table.
For Print in <value> columns, type a number between 1 and 99.
Select Across first.
Across first button
Select Down first.
Down first button
On the layout, you see vertical lines indicating columns.
Use merge fields or fields or objects with sliding enabled to fit more data into the width of a column. With either of these two features, fields can extend into the gray area of the second column, and blank space in fields is eliminated when you view or print data. For more information, see Placing merge fields on a layout and Removing blank spaces in printouts.
To change the width of columns:
The initial width of each column is calculated based on the paper size, orientation, and any margins you have set. To change the width of columns, do one of the following:
Note  Because the page width is fixed, dragging the column boundary to the right does not increase the width of the printable area within each column (unless you previously narrowed the column width). Instead dragging the column boundary to the right creates a “gutter” margin between each column. This gutter margin is useful for creating space between columns, but it reduces the printable area within each column.
Click Inspector Inspector button in the layout bar. Click Position. Position the pointer over the right column boundary, hold down the mouse button (be careful not to drag the column width), and read the column Width value in the Size area.
When you select Down first, FileMaker Pro prints subsummary parts the width of the column. If you've specified that a page break comes after the subsummary part, FileMaker Pro starts a new column (not a new page). With Across first, FileMaker Pro prints subsummary parts the width of the page, and the specified page break starts a new page. For more information, see Defining page breaks and numbering.