Managing layouts
You can manage all your layouts in the Manage Layouts dialog box. For example, you can create folders to group layouts; rename, duplicate, and delete layouts; and choose whether to display layouts and folders in the Layout pop-up menu.
To manage layouts:
Choose File menu > Manage > Layouts.
Note  A badge on the icon Layout script trigger badge in Manage Layouts dialog box next to a layout name indicates that a layout script trigger has been set for the layout.
Click New to display the New Layout/Report assistant. See Creating a layout.
Click the arrow next to New and choose Folder. In the Edit Folder dialog box, type a folder name, and click OK. The new folder appears in the Manage Layouts dialog box at the current position. A folder appears as a submenu name in the Layout pop-up menu.
Select the folder, and click Duplicate. The folder name is duplicated, with Copy appended to it, and all its layouts and subfolders are duplicated.
Select the folder to delete, and click Delete, then click Delete in the alert message. You can’t undo deleting a folder. The folder and all its layouts and subfolders are deleted.
When you create a layout, it is automatically added to the Layout pop-up menu.
Note  Be sure to select each item (including a folder’s layouts and subfolders) that you want to appear in the Layout pop-up menu. Only the items you select are displayed.
The Menu Set column of the Manage Layouts dialog box displays the menu set associated with each layout. You create menu sets using the Custom Menus feature, available only with FileMaker Pro Advanced. See Defining custom menus (FileMaker Pro Advanced) or the FileMaker Pro Advanced Features Guide.