Setting the automatic record-saving option for a layout
When you make data entry changes to a record, FileMaker Pro normally saves these changes automatically when you exit the record and display another record. If you prefer, you can set FileMaker Pro to display a “Save changes to this record?” confirmation dialog box when exiting a record in which data has been changed. This confirmation dialog box presents three options:
Save: saves the record changes and exits the record
Cancel: does not save the record changes or exit the record
Don’t Save: discards the record changes and exits the record
You can set the usage of this confirmation dialog box on a layout-by-layout basis, enabling the dialog box on certain layouts and disabling it on others.
To set the automatic record-saving option for a layout:
In Layout mode, choose the layout you want to work with from the Layout pop-up menu.
Click Layout Setup Layout Setup button in the layout bar.
You can also click the name of the layout’s current table.
To save record changes automatically, select Save record changes automatically.
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