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March 21, 2023 ✨

Start your calculation engines

  • To give you an early look at what's under the hood, this release includes a preview of the Claris Studio calculation engine, so we can start getting your feedback. The first group of functions we have ready for you include math and logical functions as well as some Get functions. More are on the way.

  • Use the new calculation field to give the engine a try. It's available in all views, except dashboard view.

  • For more information, see Primer for Claris Studio calculations.

Be the star of your own gallery

  • The new gallery view shows off your images, videos, and PDF files as cards you can drag to arrange, or filter, sort, conditionally color-code, and search.

  • To add a new card (a record), click Plus (add) button in the lower right. In the Media attachment field, drag a file or click to select a file to add. Then name it in the Title field. Add more fields if you want to track more information, like the date a photo was taken.

  • In each card, you can click the button in the center to view the contents at full size. To edit the record, click anywhere else in the card.

Even more to get attached to

  • Videos can now be played in attachment fields. Supported video file formats are MP4, QuickTime (.qt, .mov), and WebM, except in Safari, where only MP4 is supported for now.

  • PDF files in attachment fields now display the first page. Then you can click to view the PDF at full size and scroll through the pages. Even password-protected PDFs are supported.

Hubs as a one-stop shop

  • To help make the Hubs page more of a one-stop shop for working with views, team managers can now create new views while adding them to a hub. New views can be blank, or they can use the same data as another view. To create a new view in a hub, click Add Views > New Views.

  • Team managers can also now delete and rename views.

Have it your way

  • Team managers can now designate a field as the preferred display field in a table. This is the field you consider representative of the record and prefer to display by default in certain places.

  • For example, even though you have an Employee ID field that uniquely identifies an employee's record, most users won't recognize an employee by their ID. So for display purposes, you can designate another field—like the Last Name field—as the default field to display for users to identify a record.

  • Claris Studio uses this field as the default when:

    • You set up a drop-down field with options from another view. The default field to show in the drop-down list will be the preferred display field.

    • You create a kanban, list-detail, or gallery view from an existing view. The default for the Title field in the new view will be the preferred display field that was set in the existing view.

  • To designate a preferred display field in spreadsheet views, click Down arrow button in a column and choose Set as Preferred Display Field. This option is also in the Edit Record dialog that's available in most views. The preferred display field is indicated by Bookmark indicator.

Show me the data!

  • In form, list-detail, and dashboard views, the Preview button has been replaced with the Open button (Open) button to let team managers quickly try out a view with their real data without having to share the view first.

  • The Open button opens the view in a new browser tab with Developer mode turned off. Unlike Preview, your data is now visible, and changes you make to it are saved.

Lather, rinse, repeat

  • To help create similar objects more quickly in form, list-detail, and dashboard views, team managers can now duplicate an object including all its settings, except for its conditional show/hide rules.

  • In the object, click More (ellipsis) button > Duplicate. Or select the object and use the familiar copy and paste keyboard shortcuts: Command-C and Command-V (macOS) or Control-C and Control-V (other platforms).

Time out for timeouts

  • "Session expired" messages should no longer appear while you're actively working in Claris Studio. For security, sessions will still end after a lengthy period of inactivity.

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