Differences between the Claris and FileMaker platforms

This document lists some of the differences between the Claris platform and the FileMaker platform.

Feature Claris platform FileMaker platform
Products and services
  • Claris Pro
  • Claris Server
  • Claris Go
  • Claris WebDirect
  • Claris Admin API
  • Claris Data API
  • Claris OData API
  • Claris Connect
  • Claris Studio
  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Server
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • FileMaker Admin API
  • FileMaker Data API
  • FileMaker OData API
  • FileMaker Cloud
Authentication Claris ID accounts only
  • FileMaker file accounts
  • Claris ID and external IdP accounts
  • OAuth accounts
  • External server accounts
Supported platforms for FileMaker Server or Claris Server Linux macOS, Windows, Linux
File format and extension

Claris Pro format (.claris)

FileMaker Pro 12 format (.fmp12)
Interoperability of clients and hosts Claris clients work only with Claris hosts FileMaker clients work only with FileMaker hosts
Using a license certificate or license key

Not supported

Sign in to the software with your Claris ID account.

Accessing Claris Studio data source Supported Not supported
Sharing data as an ODBC/JDBC data source Not supported Supported by FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server
Using a secondary machine with FileMaker Server or Claris Server Not supported Supported for FileMaker Server
Using peer-to-peer sharing for testing with FileMaker Pro and Claris Pro Only one desktop, one iOS, and one iPadOS device connected at the same time with the same Claris ID Up to five devices connected at the same time
URL schemes to open files claris://


fmpXX://, where XX is the major version number of the application

Accounts script steps Not supported Supported
fmxdbc, fmreauthenticate, fmphp extended privileges Not supported Supported
Custom Web Publishing with PHP Not supported Deprecated
Snapshot link file Claris Pro Snapshot Link format (.clarislink) FileMaker Pro Snapshot Link format (.fmpsl)