Specifying backup schedule details

1. Enter the Number of Backups to Keep.

2. For Additional Settings, choose whether to verify and clone the database files during the backup process.

If you choose Verify, then FileMaker Server performs a consistency check, confirming whether the backup file is internally consistent. Enabling this option can detect errors in the backup file. However, backup operations that have this option enabled can take much longer to complete and may slow other activities on the master machine.

If you choose Clone, then a clone of the database file is created. The clone contains the file's tables, layouts, scripts, page setup options, and field definitions without the data.

3. Select the Repeat of the schedule. See Examples of repeating schedules.

Tip  The repeat details are set using a dialog box that opens in front of the main window. To apply changes that you have made in the dialog box, click outside the dialog box on the main window.





Back up databases to the default backup folder once, on the specified date and time.


Back up databases to the default backup folder on a daily basis:

Run once a day, with Time set to At, starting at specific time, and beginning on the date entered.

Run multiple times daily, with Time set to Between.


Back up databases to the default backup folder weekly on one or more days. For Days of the Week, select the days of the week when you want the schedule to run.

Every N Days

Create a backup schedule that has a specific interval in days, such as every 2, 3, or 4 days. For Run Every, select the interval in days.

Select the Start Date or leave the current date.

For all schedules except Once, you can set an ending date by selecting Set End Date, then selecting a date from the calendar.

To run a scheduled task once, select At for Time. Then, specify the time when you want the scheduled task to run.

To run a scheduled task multiple times, select Between for Time. Then, specify the time range between 00:00 and 23:59 when you want the task repeated. Then, for Repeat Every, specify the frequency for when the task should be repeated in minutes or in hours.

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