Database and backup folders > Database and backup folder settings

Database and backup folder settings

To specify folder settings, click the Configuration > Folders tab.



Do this

Copy the default database folder or secure database folder path

Click Copy to the right of the path.

Specify the path for any additional database folder for hosted database files

See Setting up an additional database folder.

Specify a default backup folder for daily automatic backups, on-demand backups, CLI BACKUP commands that don't specify a destination folder, and the initial value for the backup folder when you create a backup schedule

See Setting the default backup folder.

Specify a progressive backup folder for progressive backup files

See Setting up a progressive backup folder.


Although you can specify remote volumes for the additional database folders and the container folders, you can't specify a backup folder on a remote volume for automatic backups or progressive backups.

If you specify a folder that is on a remote volume, make sure that the volume is mounted when you start FileMaker Server. The files on the remote volume will not open if the volume is not mounted.

Windows: If FileMaker Server is installed on a system using ReFS, then all the folders can be ReFS folders, including the database folders, container folders, and backup folders.

Important  FileMaker Server allows you to define a folder for automatic backups and a folder for progressive backup files. To decide which backup types to use, or to use both, see Understanding backup options.

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