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Returns data as field type text.


GetAsText ( data )


data - any number, date, time or timestamp expression, or a field containing a number, date, time, timestamp, or container

Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier


Use with formulas involving text or text functions. The data returned can be a field type number, date, time, timestamp, or container.

For a container field, GetAsText returns external path information, text (when the container contains text that does not resolve into a valid path), or a question mark (?) if the container data is embedded in the database. For container data stored externally, data is returned in the format shown in the following example:



Example 1 

GetAsText ( 45 ) returns 45.

Example 2 

"You are " & GetAsText ( DaysDelinquent ) & " days late." returns You are 3 days late. when the value of DaysDelinquent is 3.

Example 3 

"FY" & GetAsText ( FiscalYear ) returns FY98, if the FiscalYear number field contains 98.

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