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Returns a text result containing only the values that were provided in filterValues, in the order they were originally entered in textToFilter.


FilterValues ( textToFilter ; filterValues )


textToFilter - any text expression or text field

filterValues - values that you want to preserve in the specified text

Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 7.0


For a description of a list of values, see ValueCount function.

Each returned value ends with a carriage return, allowing lists to be easily concatenated.


If the filterValues parameter doesn't have any values, an empty string is returned.

The FilterValues function is not case sensitive.

Example 1 

FilterValues ( "Plaid¶Canvas¶Suitcase" ; "Plaid¶Canvas" ) returns Plaid¶Canvas¶.

Example 2 

FilterValues ( ValueListItems ( "Database" ; "Sizes" ) ; "Medium¶Small" ) returns Small¶Medium¶ when a database file named Database has a value list Sizes that contains Small¶Medium¶Large.

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