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Returns an error code, if any, from an expression.


EvaluationError ( expression )


expression - any calculation expression

Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 7.0


There are two types of errors: syntax and runtime. A syntax error indicates an invalid calculation. A runtime error, such as Field missing or Record missing, occurs when the calculation currently being run is valid but cannot properly execute. See FileMaker error codes for a list of error codes and messages.


The EvaluationError function must enclose the Evaluate function to return any syntax errors.

Example 1 

EvaluationError( GetField ( "total" ) + 1 ) returns 102 (Field Missing) when the field total has been deleted or renamed.

Example 2 

EvaluationError( Evaluate ( calculationField ) ) returns 1207 (Unbalanced Parenthesis) when calculationField contains abs(-1 with no closing parenthesis.

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