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Changing a touch keyboard type

You can set up the keyboard to display according to the field type, to help you quickly enter values.

To change a touch keyboard type:

1. In Layout mode, select a text, number, date, time, or timestamp field.

2. In the Inspector, click the Data Data tab.

3. In the Behavior area, select Touch keyboard type. Then:



To use this keyboard

System Default

Number and Punctuation keyboard for date, time, and timestamp fields, and the default keyboard for text and number fields

Default for Data Type

Numeric 10-Key keyboard for number fields, a standard keyboard for text fields, and the Number and Punctuation keyboard for date, time, and timestamp fields


Standard ASCII keyboard


Standard URL keyboard


Standard Email keyboard

Numeric 10-Key

Custom 10-key keyboard (calculator-style)

Number Keypad

iPhone/iPod touch: Standard iOS Number keyboard

iPad: Custom Number keyboard that matches the iPhone Number keyboard

Number and Punctuation

Standard Number and Punctuation keyboard


Custom keyboard with symbols commonly used in phone numbers

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