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Decrypting a file

Note  This feature is available when the Use advanced tools general preference is selected. See Using advanced tools.

Use the Developer Utilities to decrypt an encrypted file.

When a file is decrypted, the secure or open storage of container data stored externally remains as it was before the file was decrypted. To change how the data is stored in the decrypted file, see Setting up container fields to store data externally.

To decrypt a file:

1. Close all the database files that you are going to decrypt.

2. Choose Tools menu > Developer Utilities.

3. If you have used Developer Utilities on the same database solution before and saved your settings, click Load Settings, locate and select the appropriate .sav file, then click Load.

4. Click Add, locate the file or files that you want to decrypt, then click Add again.

5. For Project Folder, click Specify to choose a location for the encrypted solution.

6. To rename the encrypted copy of the file, for Rename file, type a filename and click Change.

7. To be able to quickly repeat the process, click Save Settings, and choose a folder and location for your settings file. See Saving solution settings.

8. For Solution Options, click Specify.

9. In the Specify Solution Options dialog box, select Remove Database Encryption.

10. For Encryption Password, enter the current encryption password for the database files.

11. For FileMaker Account, click Specify.

12. Enter the FileMaker file account name and password for an account with Full Access privileges, then click OK.

13. Click OK, then click Create.