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About date fields

Use date fields to store:

dates you need to sort or search through

dates used in calculation formulas or summary fields


The separators in date fields and the order in which the date parts appear depend on the system formats set for the file and the display format for the field. For information on changing the display format for a field (for example, July 7, 2019 or 7/7/2019), see Specifying formats for date, time, or timestamp fields.

New files and clones of existing files use the current operating system format for date formatting.

To avoid confusion when using dates in FileMaker Pro Advanced, always use four-digit years. To make sure dates are always entered with four-digit years, see Defining field validation. For information on how dates with two-digit years are handled, see Entering dates with two-digit years.

FileMaker Pro Advanced stores dates as the number of days since January 1, 0001. Therefore you can calculate dates before or after a given date by subtracting or adding a number of days. For example, in a calculation field whose result is a date, the following formula calculates the date one week after the value in the DateStarted date field:

DateStarted + 7

You can also subtract one date from another to get the number of days between them. For example:

DateEnded - DateStarted

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