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Clearing the database encryption password
Note  The following information is for server administrators and group administrators.
In FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can use the database encryption feature to encrypt the contents of a database file. The database encryption combines the database file’s encryption password and a randomly generated, universally unique identifier (UUID), also known as a salt. With FileMaker Server, the server administrator or group administrator enters the encryption password when the file is opened for hosting.
Note  For information about encrypting a database, see FileMaker Pro Help.
To clear encryption passwords:
1. Click the Activity > Databases tab.
2. Open the Databases list, the additional database folder, or the group folder, if required folder.
3. Select one or more databases.
4. Click Folder icon, then choose either Clear the Encryption Passwords or Clear All the Encryption Passwords.
Note  Group administrators can only clear the database encryption passwords if the server administrator granted them the proper permissions.
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