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Opening hosted files
Note  The following information is for server administrators and group administrators.
Open one or more database files with a Closed status.
1. Click the Activity > Databases tab.
2. Open the Databases folder, the additional database folder, or the group folder, if required.
3. If you are opening selected databases, select one or more Closed databases.
4. Click Send messages menu for Activity Databases tab, then choose Open or Open All.
5. If the database is encrypted with a password, enter the password in the Open Encrypted Password dialog box.
If you are a group administrator, your server administrator must configure your administrator group to allow you to open hosted databases in your group folder. For more information, contact your server administrator.
If you select a folder in the Databases list, FileMaker Server opens all of the files in that folder.
If Status changes to Checking, FileMaker Server is checking the file’s structure before opening it. Checking a large file may take several minutes.
When FileMaker Server opens a file with no sharing enabled, the Database Server enables the fmapp extended privilege in the Full Access privilege set. See FileMaker Pro Help.
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