Checking file consistency
FileMaker Pro verifies the consistency of a database file, if needed, when the file is opened.
You can also have FileMaker Pro verify consistency if you suspect that a file is damaged. A consistency check reads every block in the file and verifies that:
The consistency check does not read all the data within each block or check the schema or higher-level structures in the file. Those higher-level checks are performed only by the Recover command.
To check file consistency:
Choose File menu > Recover.
If you don’t know the encryption password, see your database administrator.
FileMaker Pro checks the consistency of the selected file and displays a summary of the file’s status, including the total number of blocks checked, total number of blocks processed, and number of bad blocks found.
The Recover.log file displays in a separate window, in tab-delimited format. From left to right the columns show the date, time, and time zone in which the consistency check took place, the filename, error number, and description of the consistency check event. You can save or print this file for further examination. Then close the window.
The most recent data is added to any existing Recover.log file information, so you may need to scroll to the end of the file to see the results of the latest consistency check.
The Select Damaged file dialog box remains open. If the consistency check indicated that the file was damaged, try saving a compacted copy of the file before attempting to recover it (see Recovering files). If the consistency check revealed no damage, click Cancel.
Note  It might take longer to open a file on which FileMaker Pro is performing a consistency check.