Viewing and reordering accounts
The Manage Security dialog box displays a list of all the accounts for a file. You can view and reorder this list of accounts. If necessary, you can also change the authentication order of accounts, which determines the order that FileMaker Server searches through the accounts list for a valid account.
Note  Changing the authentication order of accounts is only necessary under certain situations when your file is hosted by FileMaker Server. See the Notes section in Creating accounts that authenticate via an external server and the FileMaker Server documentation.
To view the accounts for a file:
Choose File menu > Manage > Security.
The Manage Security dialog box appears. It initially shows the Accounts tab, which lists the accounts defined for this file.
To reorder the accounts list:
View by > account name or click the Account column heading. You can also switch the alphabetical list between ascending and descending order by clicking the Account column heading.
View by > creation order.
View by > authentication order.
To change the authentication order of accounts:
Choose View by > authentication order.
Note  To quickly activate or deactivate an account, click its checkbox in the first column of the Accounts tab. See Creating accounts and Editing existing accounts.
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