Returns the version of the current operating system.
Data type returned 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
6.1 for Windows 7
6.2 for Windows 8
10.7 for OS X version 10.7
10.8 for OS X version 10.8
<operating system or device> <web browser> <browser version> for FileMaker WebDirect
For operating system or device, returns:
Win for a Windows operating system
Mac for an OS X operating system
Linux for a Linux operating system
iPad for an iPad
iPhone for an iPhone
iPod for an iPod
Other for an unknown operating system or device
For web browser, returns:
Safari for the Safari browser
IE for the Internet Explorer browser
Chrome for the Chrome browser
Other for an unknown browser
For browser version, returns the version of the web browser accessing FileMaker WebDirect.
Note  For information on how functions evaluate differently on the host versus the client, search the FileMaker Knowledge Base available at
Returns 10.8 when the current operating system is OS X version 10.8.
Returns iPad Safari 6.0 for an iPad using FileMaker WebDirect in Safari version 6.0.
Returns Win Chrome 25 for a Windows computer using FileMaker WebDirect in Chrome version 25.
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