Using scripts and buttons to control Kiosk solutions (FileMaker Pro Advanced)
You can use scripts and buttons to automate much of your database solution, control startup behavior, emulate menu commands and window controls, navigate, and much more. See Creating scripts to automate tasks.
Tip  Use the Script Debugger to test scripts. See Debugging scripts (FileMaker Pro Advanced).
Centering database windows in Kiosk screens
If you maximize a layout that was designed for 640x480 on a screen that has a resolution larger than 640x480, the layout will not be centered. It will display in the top left corner with empty space surrounding it. For best results, don’t maximize kiosk windows. Use the Adjust Window[Resize to Fit] and Move/Resize Window script steps instead to center windows based on the user’s screen resolution. Use the Get functions to determine the resolution.
Important  Before using the Adjust Window script step, perform any script steps that affect the window display area (such as Go to Layout or Show/Hide Toolbars). Once the window area is determined, add the Adjust Window script step.
The Adjust Window script step may cover up a window that has an Exit Application button. Be sure that users can close the Kiosk database solution easily.
Emulating menu commands and window controls
Use the following script steps to emulate menu commands and window controls.
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