Using FileMaker Quick Start to learn more about FileMaker Pro
The FileMaker Quick Start Screen gives you quick access to additional information about FileMaker Pro, including the FileMaker Resource Center online library, instructional videos, the Getting Started tour, and FileMaker Forum, a user group communication center.
To access additional information about FileMaker Pro:
Click Visit the Resource Center to watch instructional videos about FileMaker Pro and explore an online library that offers links to tutorials, electronic documentation, and more.
Click Start now to explore FileMaker Pro and learn about creating custom solutions. You can also start the tour by choosing Help menu > Product Documentation > Getting Started Tour. Don’t worry about spoiling the tour — if you make changes as you work, you can start again by deleting the file, FMP13 Getting Started.fmp12, from your Documents folder and then restarting the tour.
Click Go to the FileMaker Forum to collaborate with other FileMaker users through an online bulletin board.
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