Managing scripts using folders
You can manage your scripts by grouping and filtering them.
To manage scripts using folders:
Choose Scripts menu > Manage Scripts. Or, choose File menu > Manage > Scripts.
Choose Folder from the New list. In the Edit Folder dialog box, type a folder name, and click OK. The new folder appears in the Manage Scripts dialog box at the current position. A folder appears as a submenu in the Scripts menu.
Windows: Choose Edit menu > Copy, click where you want the folder to appear in the list, and choose Edit menu > Paste.
Select the folder to delete, and click Delete. The folder and all scripts in the folder are deleted.
Select the script or folder above where you want the new separator. Choose Separator from the New list. The Manage Scripts dialog box and the Scripts menu reflect your changes.
Note  Selecting Include in menu only includes the folder itself, not its descendant scripts. Click Include in menu next to each descendant script you want listed in the submenu. Any scripts selected for menu inclusion without their parent folder being checked will not be included in the Scripts menu.
You can edit multiple scripts at the same time. In the Manage Scripts dialog box, select the scripts you want to edit, then click Edit. A separate Edit Script window opens for each selected script. Note that double-clicking with multiple scripts selected only opens the script that you clicked.
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