Setting script triggers for layouts
You can set up script triggers to activate when actions are performed on a specific layout.
To add, change, or delete a script trigger for a layout:
In Layout mode, select a layout.
Click Layout Setup Layout Setup button in the layout bar.
In the Layout Setup dialog box, click the Script Triggers tab and double-click the event that you want to trigger the script.
(Optional) To specify a script parameter, type the text you want. Or, click Edit and use the Specify Calculation dialog box to build a more complex parameter, then click OK.
Click OK to close the Specify Script dialog box.
A badge  Layout trigger badge on a layout appears in the lower-right corner of a layout on which you set a layout script trigger. If you don’t see the badge, choose View menu > Show > Script Triggers. In the Manage Layouts dialog box, you see Layout script trigger badge in Manage Layouts dialog box next to the name of a layout for which a layout script trigger is set.
Script triggers set for one layout do not apply to other layouts. To include a script trigger on multiple layouts, repeat these steps on each layout.