Adding comments to a formula
For complex or infrequently used formulas, you can add comments to explain the details. Use C style or C++ style comments, which you can enter anywhere in a formula.
C style comments start with the characters /* and finish with the first occurrence of the characters */. Your explanatory text appears between the two asterisk characters. Comments can begin on one line and end several lines later. You can nest C style comments.
C++ style comments begin with the characters // and finish at the end of the line.
To add comments to a formula:
With the database open, choose File menu > Manage > Database.
See Defining calculation fields for information about the dialog box.
C style Example
Everything shown below can be entered inside a formula:
/* This is a calculation with C style nested and multi-line comments
/*----- It returns the title if it exists in a name -----*/
PatternCount("MrMsMrs", LeftWords(Name, 1)), /* returns true if the first word in fieldName matches anyone of the titles Mr, Ms or Mrs*/
LeftWords(Name, 1) /*extracts the title */
C++ style Example
Greeting & "!!" // returns Hello!! if field Greeting contains the string "Hello"
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