The FMPDSORESULT grammar is useful for exporting databases that you want to format with cascading style sheets or XSL. This grammar is compatible with the Microsoft XML Data Source Object used by Internet Explorer.
Note  Do not name your data fields with leading numbers or single-byte kana characters (for example “7”). The FMPDSORESULT grammar does not allow numeric or single-byte kana characters as field name tags and will not display the resulting XML file in a browser.
Each ROW element in the exported FMPDSORESULT grammar contains a number of FIELD elements that correspond to the field names that you export.
Spaces or single colons in field names are converted to underscores in the element names (for example, <FIRST_NAME>). Double colons in portal fields are converted to periods (for example, <PHONE.PHONE_NUMBER>). This is done because colons are reserved in XML for specifying namespaces, and spaces are not allowed in XML element names.
For repeating and related fields, each FIELD element will contain a DATA element that corresponds to each repetition or portal record.
XML export does not support exporting container field data.
Due to XML limitations, only one record from each related field is exported.
For more information, search the FileMaker Knowledge Base available at http://help.filemaker.com.
Sample XML data in the FMPDSORESULT grammar
The following is an example of XML in the FMPDSORESULT grammar. For complete details on the document type definition (DTD) for the grammar, see the fmpdsoresult_dtd.htm file, which is located in the Extras folder for your language where the FileMaker Pro application is installed. For example, FileMaker Pro > English Extras > Examples > XML Documentation folder.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<FMPDSORESULT xmlns="http://www.filemaker.com/fmpdsoresult">