XML format
Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a language for structured data interchange. Instead of being a rigid file format, XML is a language for defining agreed-upon formats that groups can use for exchanging data. Many individuals, organizations, and businesses use XML to transfer product information, transactions, inventory data, and other business data.
Example files for XML import and export are available in the folder where FileMaker Pro is installed. For general information on XML, additional examples that use XML, and links to XML resources, see the FileMaker website at http://www.filemaker.com.
Importing XML
FileMaker Pro supports the FMPXMLRESULT grammar for XML import. If your XML is in a different format, you can apply an Extensible Stylesheet Language for Transformations (XSLT) style sheet during import to transform your XML into the FMPXMLRESULT grammar.
Exporting XML
FileMaker Pro can export XML in two grammars: FMPXMLRESULT and FMPDSORESULT. You can apply an XSLT style sheet during export to transform either of the grammars into a different XML format, or into a different format such as HTML or plain text. For example, with XML export, you can create a data-driven web page, or a text file of data that uses a custom field delimiter.
Note  The XML import and export features in FileMaker Pro use an XML parser called Xerces and an XSLT style sheet processor called Xalan. As you develop XML and XSL, you may want to test your XML and XSLT with Xerces- and Xalan-based parsers and processors, available at http://xml.apache.org and other third-party locations.
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