Migrating data to Claris Studio (Claris Pro only)

Migrating data from a Claris Pro table to a Claris Studio data source does the following:

  • Transfers the data in all records in the table to your team's Claris Studio data source.

  • Replaces the table in the current file with a "shadow" table that links to the Claris Studio table.

  • Creates a new spreadsheet view in Claris Studio for each table you migrate.

After you migrate the data, your Claris Pro file can access the data in Claris Studio in much the same way as if the data originated in Claris Studio. See Updating data between Claris and Claris Studio data sources (Claris Pro only).

Only team managers in the current team can migrate data to Claris Studio.

To migrate a table to a Claris Studio data source:

  1. With the Claris Pro database open, choose File menu > Manage > Database.

  2. In the Manage Database dialog box, click the Fields tab.

  3. Choose the Claris Pro table you want to work with from the Table list.

    In the Table list under Local Tables, Claris Pro displays the tables in the current file.

  4. Click Migrate.

    The table is now added to the list of tables to migrate when you click OK. If you decide not to migrate this table, click Keep.

    If a table contains fields that can't be migrated (see notes below), the Migrate button won't be displayed.

    You can repeat steps 3 and 4 to choose other tables to migrate at the same time.

  5. To migrate the tables you chose, click OK.

    Once migration starts, it's not reversible. Depending on how much data you're migrating, this may take some time.


  • Claris Pro displays tables from a Claris Studio data source in italics.

  • Only the following types of Claris Pro fields can be migrated to the indicated Claris Studio fields:

    Claris Pro field type Claris Studio field type
    text long text
    number number
    date timestamp
    time timestamp
    timestamp timestamp
  • Tables that include repeating fields and container fields can't be migrated.

  • Claris Studio supports only numeric data in number fields. However, Claris Pro supports numbers and text in number fields. Therefore, any Claris Pro text or number fields with the Numeric Only validation option are migrated to Claris Studio as number fields. Otherwise, number fields are migrated to Claris Studio as text fields.

  • During migration, Claris Pro may encounter records that can't be migrated—for example, because the record size exceeds the Claris Studio limit. Records that can't be migrated are moved to Claris Pro table named MigrateRecovered.