Editing Claris ID account access (Claris Pro only)

On the Claris platform, users are authenticated via Claris ID accounts. In Claris Studio, team managers can invite users to a team, which is when new users can create their Claris ID accounts. Then in Claris Pro, you can grant individual users access to a file by creating account access entries for each user's Claris ID user name. The privilege set you assign applies only to that user.

Claris ID accounts:

  • are defined in the Claris ID identity provider system

  • are required to use a Claris client (internet access is required to sign in to the client the first time you start it and occasionally thereafter)

  • are used to open local and hosted Claris Pro files

To create or edit Claris ID account access:

  1. Start editing new or existing account access in the Manage Security dialog box.

    See Creating and editing account access.

  2. To grant account access to a user, click New. To change an existing account access entry, select the user.

  3. For User Name, enter or change the Claris ID user name (email address).

    User names are not case sensitive.

  4. For Privilege Set, choose, create, or edit a privilege set.

    See Creating and editing privilege sets.

    The privilege set assigned to this account access determines what the Claris ID user can do in the file.

  5. To make the account access active, select its checkbox.

    Make account access inactive, for example, to set up privilege sets before allowing users to open the file.


  • If a user's Claris ID account is authenticated to open a file but that user isn't in the same team as the creator of the file, the user will still be able to access the Claris Studio data source of the file creator's team.