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Hiding or showing layout objects

You can control the visibility of layout objects by indicating whether an object is hidden or displayed depending on a specific condition or calculation. For example, you can choose to show or hide certain fields in a questionnaire as a result of a user’s response to a specific question.

To designate a layout object as hidden:

1. In Layout mode, select the object.

2. In the Inspector, click the Data Data tab.

3. For Hide object when, click Pencil button and specify a calculation to determine when the object should be hidden, then click OK.

4. To apply the condition for the object in Find mode, select Apply in Find mode.


In Layout mode, choose View menu > Show > Hide Condition to identify objects for which a condition has been defined to hide them. Such objects display a badge Hidden object badge in Layout mode.

If part or all of the calculation can’t be evaluated (returns "?"), the object becomes hidden.

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