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Returns a binary hash value generated by the specified cryptographic hash algorithm.


CryptDigest ( data ; algorithm )


data - any text expression or field from which to generate the hash.

algorithm - the name of the cryptographic algorithm to use (see CryptAuthCode function).

Data type returned 


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Use the Base64EncodeRFC and Base64Decode or HexEncode and HexDecode functions to control the encoding of the returned hash.

Example 1 

In the Results container field, stores a file containing the digest of the text in the Message field using the default algorithm.

Set Field [ Table::Results ; CryptDigest ( Table::Message ; "" ) ]

Example 2 

Returns a digest of the contents of the $JSON variable using the SHA512 algorithm. The container data returned by CryptDigest is returned as Base64-encoded text.

Base64EncodeRFC ( 4648; CryptDigest ( $JSON ; "SHA512" ) )

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