Claris FileMaker Cloud Release Notes

February 2021

This document provides information about Claris® FileMaker Cloud® For more information, see the Product Documentation Center or visit the support resources on our website.

FileMaker Cloud Release Notes


FileMaker Cloud is compatible with Claris FileMaker® 18 and 19 Platform clients.

New features and enhancements

Note:To use the latest features, make sure your instance is upgraded to FileMaker Cloud To upgrade your instance, use the Dashboard page in FileMaker Cloud Admin Console.

Creating new custom apps directly from Claris Customer Console is now available for all supported languages. This feature was introduced in English in FileMaker Cloud

Creating custom apps from Claris Customer Console

Team managers can create custom apps directly from Claris Customer Console.


To create an app:

  1. Sign in to Claris Customer Console using your Claris ID user name and password.
  2. On the Home page, click Create New.
  3. Type a name for your app, then click Create.

After you create the app, it is hosted by FileMaker Cloud. On the Home page, click the app and use one of these options to open the app:

To edit the layout in FileMaker Pro:

Step 1: Edit account access in FileMaker Pro.

  1. On the Home page, click the app, then click Open in FileMaker Pro.
  2. Choose FileMaker Pro menu > Preferences.
  3. In the General tab, make sure the Use advanced tools preference is selected. You must restart FileMaker Pro if you change this preference.
  4. Choose Tools menu > Custom Menus > [Standard FileMaker Menus].
  5. Choose File menu > Manage > Security.
  6. For Authenticate via, choose FileMaker File or External Server.
  7. Activate the Admin account, which is assigned the Full Access privilege set, and make sure to set a password. Save the account name and password in a secure place.
  8. Quit FileMaker Pro.

Step 2: Download the app and edit the layout.

  1. In Claris Customer Console, click Hosts, then click Go to FileMaker Cloud Admin Console.
  2. In FileMaker Admin Console, click Databases.
  3. To retrieve the encryption password, click the options menu next to the database, and choose Show Encryption Password. Save the encryption password in a secure place.
  4. To close the database, click the down arrow next to the database, and choose Close.
  5. To download the database, click the down arrow next to the database, and choose Download. After the file is ready to be downloaded, you receive a notification in Admin Console. Click Download File in the notification.
  6. Open the downloaded file locally in FileMaker Pro to edit the layout. To open the file, you need to use the encryption password you received in FileMaker Cloud Admin Console and the Admin account name and password you set earlier in FileMaker Pro.

For information about editing the file in FileMaker Pro, see FileMaker Pro 19.2.1 Release Notes in the Knowledge Base.

APIs, technologies, or features to be deprecated

As FileMaker Cloud evolves, the list of supported technologies, APIs, and features will change. As part of this evolution, certain operating systems versions, hardware, and features may be deprecated in favor of newer ones. Although deprecation does not mean the immediate deletion of an item, you should migrate your solution away from deprecated technologies, because these technologies may be removed in a future version of the product.

For the latest information about deprecated APIs, technologies, and features, search the Knowledge Base.