Convert your FileMaker Pro apps to Claris Pro apps

You can use Claris Pro to convert your existing FileMaker Pro custom apps in the FileMaker Pro 12 format (.fmp12) to the Claris Pro format (.claris).

Before you begin

  • For the FileMaker Pro file you want to convert, you must have the account name and password for a FileMaker file account that has the Full Access privilege set.

  • Install the latest version of Claris Pro.

    Team managers can get the link to download Claris Pro in Claris Studio (in the user menu at the top right, choose Downloads).

Convert a FileMaker Pro app

  1. Close the FileMaker Pro file you want to convert.

  2. Open the file with Claris Pro and follow the onscreen instructions.

    See Converting FileMaker Pro files to Claris Pro files (Claris Pro only) in Claris Pro and FileMaker Pro Help.

What does Claris Pro do during conversion?

During conversion, Claris Pro does the following:

  • In the Manage Security dialog box:

    • Adds the Claris ID account of the current user and assigns it the Full Access privilege set.

    • Hides the Guest account and adds the Default account.

      The Default account is assigned the same privilege set and has the same active/inactive status as the Guest account. See About the creator's account and Default account (Claris Pro only) in Claris Pro and FileMaker Pro Help.

    • Hides all other existing account access entries.

      The accounts remain in the file but can't be used.

    • Removes these unsupported extended privileges from all privilege sets that use them: fmxdbc, fmreauthenticateXX, and fmphp.

  • In the File Options dialog box:

    • Sets "Minimum version allowed to open this file" to 40.0.

      Claris Pro versions start at 40.0. This minimum value prevents FileMaker clients and hosts from opening Claris Pro files.

    • Hides these options:

      • Log in using

      • Allow stored credentials for authentication

      • Require iOS or iPadOS passcode

      • Show sign-in fields even when OAuth or AD FS is enabled

      Because Claris clients and hosts use only Claris ID accounts to authenticate access to files, these options are not used.

  • Changes references to .fmp12 files:

    • Removes .fmp12 filename extensions in the definitions of external FileMaker data sources.

    • Changes filename extensions in other file references from .fmp12 to .claris.

    When you convert the referenced FileMaker Pro files to the Claris Pro format, file references in the current file will work again.

Next steps

  1. If you plan to share your converted app on a Claris host, add users' Claris ID accounts or enable the Default account in the Manage Security dialog box and assign privilege sets as needed.

    See Editing Claris ID account access (Claris Pro only) in Claris Pro and FileMaker Pro Help.

  2. To access data in Claris Studio from your converted app, connect your app to your team's Claris Studio data source and add a table for each view's data you want to use.

    See Working with a Claris Studio data source (Claris Pro only) in Claris Pro and FileMaker Pro Help.