Starting Admin Console

Starting Admin Console

You can start FileMaker Server Admin Console on a Windows or macOS computer that has network access to the master machine in your FileMaker Server deployment. FileMaker Server delivers Admin Console as a web application that runs in a supported web browser.

To start Admin Console:

1. Open the Admin Console Sign In page:

On the local host machine (the master machine where FileMaker Server is installed):


Port 16001 is only available on the local host machine and not from a remote machine.

On a remote machine:


where [host] is the IP address or domain name of the master machine in your FileMaker Server deployment.

2. In the Admin Console Sign In page, enter the user name and password for the Admin Console account.

Admin Console starts and displays the Dashboard page. See Checking the status of your deployment.

Tip  After you have successfully started Admin Console from your browser, save the address as a favorite to easily open Admin Console.

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