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Verifying the integrity of databases

If you suspect that a database is damaged, verify its integrity by performing a consistency check.

Add the Verify setting to a backup schedule to verify all databases, databases in selected folders, or a selected database. See Creating or changing a backup schedule.

Verify one or all databases at any time on the Databases page. See Verifying hosted files.

Before starting the verification process, FileMaker Server sends a notification message to the FileMaker clients, informing users that FileMaker Server must close the selected databases. When the delay time elapses, FileMaker Server disconnects any remaining clients and closes the selected databases, verifies them, and then reopens the databases that were successfully verified. If a database fails the consistency check, you must use FileMaker Pro Advanced to recover the file. See FileMaker Pro Advanced Help.

FileMaker Server logs a message in Event.log indicating the success or failure of the consistency check.

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