Monitoring FileMaker Server

Monitoring FileMaker Server

Admin Console displays current system information on the Dashboard page. See Checking the status of your deployment.

In addition, you can use log files to review server and client statistics, and monitor server performance and diagnose reasons for performance problems.

Most logs are available on the master machine. You can download some logs on the Configuration > Logging tab. See Viewing log file entries.


To monitor



Performance-intensive client operations


Detailed information about the client request operations that require the most server resources.

See Top call statistics log.


Event.log (master machine) (See Viewing activities in the Event Viewer (Windows) for instructions.)

Windows: Event Viewer

Database Server start and stop events, database files opened and closed, consistency checks, and error conditions in FileMaker Server configuration.

See Event log.

Client activity


Client-related access information.

See Access log.

Custom Web Publishing and FileMaker WebDirect information

wpe.log (Web Publishing Engine machine)

Any Web Publishing Engine errors, including application errors, usage errors, and system errors. May include information related to Custom Web Publishing, such as end-user XML requests to generate web publishing output or changes to the Custom Web Publishing settings.

Any end-user requests to view FileMaker WebDirect solutions, changes to FileMaker WebDirect settings, as well as FileMaker WebDirect start and stop events, error, script, and user log information.

See Web publishing logs.

FileMaker Data API information


Any FileMaker Data API Engine errors, including application errors and usage errors.

Information about all FileMaker Data API calls that access hosted databases.

See FileMaker Data API log.

FileMaker Admin API information


Any FileMaker Admin API information and Console activity messages.

See FileMaker Admin API log.

Server statistics


FileMaker Server performance and number of clients logged in.

See Server statistics log.

Client statistics


Detailed client statistics and client accesses to the Database Server.

See Client statistics log.

Note  FileMaker WebDirect clients appear in the Stats.log rather than the ClientStats.log.

Schedules created from loading a schedule settings file


The number and type of schedules created when loading a schedule settings file, and any errors that may have occurred. See Loading schedules settings.


All log files are located in the Logs folder:

Windows: [drive]:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Logs

If FileMaker Server is installed in a non-default location, the beginning portion of the default path shown above, \Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server, is replaced with the path that was specified during installation. For example: \My_Path\Logs

macOS: /Library/FileMaker Server/Logs