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Closing hosted files

To close a single database:

1. Click the Databases page.

2. Select an Open (Open status icon) or Paused (Paused status icon) database.

3. Click Down-arrow menu button and choose Close.

To close all databases:

1. Click the Databases page.

2. For All Databases, click Down-arrow menu button and choose Close All.


If you see the Close Databases dialog box, do the following:

Enter an optional message to send to clients.

For Delay Time, enter the number of minutes between when the notification is sent and when clients are disconnected.

Clients may see a dialog box with a 30-second countdown. If they click OK, they are disconnected immediately. If they click Cancel, they can continue working until the delay time is reached. Depending on the delay time, they may see subsequent dialog boxes until the delay time expires.

Important  If you specify a delay time of 0, then clients are disconnected immediately and they may lose unsaved work.

Completing the process of closing many database files, a large database file, or a file with many connected clients may take several minutes.

You can close a database that displays Opening or Checking (Transition status icon) status, which cancels the consistency check performed when the file is opened.

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