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Creating a certificate signing request

To enable SSL connections for your FileMaker Server installation, you should have a valid digital certificate installed. FileMaker Server provides a standard SSL certificate signed by FileMaker, Inc., that does not verify the server name. The FileMaker default certificate is intended only for test purposes.

To request an SSL certificate from a certificate authority (CA), create a certificate signing request, serverRequest.pem, which you send to the CA, using the process defined by the CA. For a list of supported CAs, see the FileMaker Knowledge Base.

To create a certificate signing request, use the CLI command fmsadmin certificate create. See FileMaker Server Installation and Configuration Guide or Using the command line interface for the certificate command.


The certificate command does not support creating a request for a subject alternative name (SAN) certificate. To request a SAN certificate:

Create a certificate signing request.

Send the certificate signing request to the CA to have them create a certificate.

Request the CA to extend the certificate with additional names.