New features in FileMaker Server 18

New features in FileMaker Server 18

FileMaker Server Admin Console changes

On the Databases page, the status icons for hosted databases have been updated. See Database status.

The Backups > Backup Schedules tab and the Configuration > Script Schedules tab show status information for scheduled scripts that are running, that have succeeded, or that have failed. See Scheduling database backups and Scheduling administrative tasks.

The Configuration > General Settings tab shows when FileMaker Server was last started. See Server information settings.

The Connectors > FileMaker Data API tab shows aggregate information for all hosts that are sharing a purchase agreement. See About the FileMaker Data API limit.

General enhancements

FileMaker Server includes a startup restoration feature. At startup, before databases are opened for client access, FileMaker Server validates database entries. If databases have inconsistencies indicating that they were not properly closed, startup restoration uses a restoration log to restore the files to their last consistent state. See Understanding startup restoration.

FileMaker Server has been updated to work with Zabbix open-source monitoring software. See the FileMaker Community.

Change the default backup time, which is displayed on the Backups page under Backups Schedule, by using the CLI command fmsadmin set backuptime. See Using the Auto-Backup and On-Demand tab.

Change the limit on the number of simultaneous script clients by using the CLI command fmsadmin set serverconfig scriptsessions. See Running FileMaker scripts.

Updates to the FileMaker Data API. See FileMaker Data API Guide.

Updates to FileMaker Admin API. See FileMaker Admin API Guide.

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