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Returns a value representing the orientation of the window on which the script is acting.


Get ( WindowOrientation )



Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 13.0


In FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Go only, returns:

-2 for landscape left

-1 for landscape right

0 for square (FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker WebDirect only)

1 for portrait

2 for portrait upside down


The window on which the script is acting may not necessarily be the foreground window.

Example 1 

If the window that the current script is acting on is in portrait orientation, Get(WindowOrientation) returns 1.

Example 2 

A calculation field named Orientation uses Get(WindowOrientation) to return a value as listed above. Another calculation field references the Orientation field and uses the If function, which returns Portrait if the Orientation field returns a value greater than 0 and returns Landscape if the Orientation field returns a value less than 0:

If ( Orientation > 0 ; "Portrait" ; "Landscape" )

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