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Returns details about the gesture that activated an OnGestureTap script trigger.


Get ( TriggerGestureInfo )



Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 13.0


FileMaker Pro Advanced for Windows and FileMaker Go only: Returns a list containing these items:

the string Tap, indicating the script was started by an OnGestureTap script trigger

a value indicating the tap count

a value indicating how many fingers were used to make the tap

the x coordinate in the document where the gesture occurred

the y coordinate in the document where the gesture occurred

the name of the object where the gesture occurred (see Naming objects)

The coordinates (0,0) are located at the top-left corner of the topmost layout part.

For multifinger gestures, the coordinates returned indicate the center point of the gesture.

In List View, the coordinates returned reflect the location of the tap within the entire list. For example, if the layout has a header 50 points in height, a body 200 points in height, and a footer 25 points in height, and there are 1000 records in the list, the entire layout is 200,075 points in height. A tap near the bottom of the list might return the coordinates (21,199140).

This function returns values for the following gestures:

tap with one, two, or three fingers (iOS)

double-tap with one finger (iOS)

tap with two fingers (Windows)

Returns an empty string if this function is executed when no OnGestureTap script trigger has been activated.


In FileMaker Pro Advanced for Windows 7 and FileMaker WebDirect, this function is not supported and returns an empty string.

Example 1 

When a script is triggered by a three-finger tap, and the gesture occurred at the coordinates (400,600) of a button with the object name "OK," this function returns:


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