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Working with Microsoft Excel

You can use Microsoft Excel and FileMaker Pro Advanced together in a variety of ways.



Do this

Use FileMaker Pro Advanced to import data stored in an Excel file on a regular basis

Set up recurring imports in FileMaker Pro Advanced to make it easy to import data stored in Excel files. See Setting up recurring imports.

Note  Data imported via recurring import cannot be modified or added to in FileMaker Pro Advanced. Any changes to the data must be made in the Excel file and reimported into FileMaker Pro Advanced.

Bring data stored in an Excel file into an existing FileMaker Pro Advanced file

Import data from the Excel file. See Importing data into an existing file.

Create a new FileMaker Pro Advanced file using data from an Excel file

Convert data from Excel format to FileMaker Pro format. See Converting a data file to a new FileMaker Pro Advanced file.

Create a new Excel file using data from a FileMaker Pro Advanced file

Export the data in Excel format. See Exporting data from FileMaker Pro Advanced.

Save records in Excel format. See Saving and sending records in other formats.

Use scripts to import data to and from FileMaker Pro Advanced and Excel

See Import Records, Save Records As Excel, or Export Records.

Learn more about how FileMaker Pro Advanced interprets Excel data

See Microsoft Excel format.

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